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For more than a quarter century, Edgar Law Firm has been representing injured bicyclists and pedestrians in Santa Rosa and throughout the surrounding areas of California. We are not afraid to take cases to trial to obtain the best results for clients. On the contrary, our lawyers will put in the time and the effort it takes to help maximum your compensation.

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Yes, Bicyclists Have A Right To The Road

The California Bicycle Coalition points out that state law gives bicycle riders the same rights and responsibilities as drivers. In fact, you don't always have to ride along the far right edge of the road. If you are passing a car, getting ready to turn left, trying to avoid a hazard or riding down a very narrow street, the California Vehicle Code gives you the right to "take the lane" and force motor vehicles to stay behind you.

Not all motor vehicle drivers realize this, however. Many drivers feel that bicycles have no right to share the road, and they often fail to watch for bikes. If you were injured in a collision with a careless driver, let our law firm investigate the accident and explain your legal options.

Pedestrians Have Important Rights, Too

If you use a crosswalk, motor vehicle drivers are required by law to yield the right-of-way to you. They are also supposed to "exercise due care" to ensure that they don't hit you.

Of course, pedestrians do have responsibilities. Whether or not there's a crosswalk, you're not supposed to step into the road right in front of a car. You're also supposed to yield the right-of-way to motor vehicles when you're not at a crosswalk.

The rules are complex, most pedestrian-car collisions are far from straightforward, and it can be difficult to know exactly how much responsibility each party carries for the accident. That's why it is critical to get an experienced legal professional on your side.

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