Serious Advocacy For Victims Of Serious Injuries

At Edgar Law Firm, we know that after a trucking collision or another serious accident, the last thing you want to think about is fighting the insurance companies for the money you need. Let our trial attorneys take that burden off your shoulders. Simply call our Santa Rosa office at 707-387-0960 today.

We handle cases involving all types of serious or catastrophic injuries, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) — Because traumatic brain injuries often affect a person's physical, cognitive and emotional functioning, they can require a lifetime of therapy and medical care. If you suffered a TBI, it is critical to obtain the full amount of compensation that you will need to cover such ongoing expenses.
  • Back and spinal cord injuries — In the most severe cases, spinal cord damage can lead to quadriplegia, paraplegia and other types of paralysis. Likewise, injury to the back can result in herniated disks and myriad other problems. As with brain injuries, it is important to obtain maximum compensation to cover ongoing medical care.
  • Severe burns and scars — Whether you suffered lacerations from windshield glass or burns from a crash-related car fire, you may be dealing with intense pain and the possibility of disfiguring scars. Some scars may even call for reconstructive surgery. Let our law firm help you pursue full compensation for your pain and suffering as well as for economic damages.
  • Amputations — Sometimes injury victims lose a digit or limb during the accident itself. At other times, a surgical amputation may be necessary to remove a crushed or mangled body part. In either case, living with an amputation may mean modifying your home, your car, your career and more. We can help you seek compensation for all these losses.
  • Birth injuries — The unfortunate fact is that raising a child with cerebral palsy, a brachial plexus injury or another type of birth injury is likely to require an extraordinary amount of money to cover special education costs, medical care, in-home nursing and other expenses. By filing a birth injury lawsuit, you have a chance to recover the money you will need to give your child the best life possible.

Fighting For Justice After The Wrongful Death Of A Loved One

If a family member was killed in a collision with a careless or reckless driver, your family has the right to initiate a wrongful death lawsuit. Let Edgar Law Firm provide the step-by-step help you need. From filing the appropriate paperwork, to dealing with the insurance companies, to taking your case to trial if necessary, we are here to secure justice and compensation for you.

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