Wronged by a Group or Corporation?

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A class action lawsuit is a case brought against a defendant whose actions have affected many individuals in a similar way. Victims usually file class action lawsuits to obtain compensation for defective or harmful products such as dangerous prescription drugs. Class action lawsuits can also resolve disputes or discontinue unconstitutional practices. It is possible for a single individual to initiate a class action on behalf of everyone affected; however, all class members must be notified and given an opportunity to either join or opt out. If the case leads to a successful recovery through settlement or trial, all class members receive a portion of the compensation collected from the wrongdoers.

Edgar Law Firm's Santa Rosa class action attorneys have years of experience representing large groups of victims. They are dedicated to advancing consumer protection laws - especially when more than one individual has been injured at the hands of a single defendant, usually a large entity. Our Santa Rosa class action lawyers are fully committed to seeking justice for all victims involved.

Types of Santa Rosa Class Action Lawsuits

Class action suits serve a valuable purpose and allow victims in Santa Rosa, Napa, Petaluma, Novato and throughout Northern California to seek compensation for harm and/or injustice. With some of the more accomplished class action lawsuit attorneys in Santa Rosa, Edgar Law Firm specializes in a wide range of class action suits, including:

  • Employment law
  • Wage and hour violations
  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Defective products
  • Defective drugs (such as Vioxx, Avandia and Actos)
  • Defective medical devices (including the Guidant recall and Medtronic recall)
  • Toxic exposure involving in mesothelioma or benzene
  • Serious injuries
  • Car accidents

Class action suits were developed as an effective way to manage complex, multiparty litigation cases and can be brought in either the federal or state court. However, class action laws vary from state to state, and filing a class action suit in California is a complex litigation process that requires expert knowledge from a Santa Rosa class action lawyer.

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Edgar Law Firm's Santa Rosa class action lawyers provide legal advice and representation pertaining to Santa Rosa injury and employment law cases, and they are also experienced at litigating will and trust disputes.