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What Causes Fatal Car Accidents In California?

It is easy to get distracted while sitting through rush hour. Busy California traffic can cause you to reach for your phone as you wait. Unfortunately most people use their phones behind the wheel because they do not realize how dangerous their behavior can be to others. Distracted driving is one of the top causes of fatal car accidents in the nation.

Thousands of Californians lose their lives to fatal motor vehicle accidents every year. Below are some of the most common driver behaviors that cause fatal car accidents.


It is tempting to speed when you are late for work or an appointment. Unfortunately speeding is one of the top driver behaviors that cause deadly accidents. Speeding will increase your chances of crashing if you or another driver makes a wrong turn. Speed will also increase the severity of damage and injury in an accident. Speeding combined with any of the following driver behaviors create an equation of danger. If you must choose between speeding and being a few minutes late for that appointment, it is better to be late.

Distracted driving

Each year more drivers put others at risk while using their phones behind the wheel. As we mentioned earlier, distracted driving is a major threat to driver safety. It is easy to spot others in traffic, looking down into their phones. While smartphones are the leading cause of distracted driving, distraction is also caused by eating, applying makeup, talking to passengers and changing the radio. As a leading cause of accident related deaths, more drivers must remember to keep their eyes on the road.

Drunk drivers

Alcohol-impaired drivers are some of the most dangerous people on the road. Not only are accidents more likely while under the influence of alcohol, but they are more deadly. The danger of getting behind the vehicle while impaired are well known, but not always heeded. If you or a friend have been drinking, it is better to call a taxi.

Drowsy driving

Drowsy driving causes a much higher rate of deadly accidents than many realize. Most people will push through a tired drive home after their work shift without knowing they are putting others at risk. Driving while sleep-deprived can cause similar impairment to drinking alcohol. If you are feeling drowsy then it is recommended to pull over and take a small nap.

Running red lights

Everyone has been guilty of misjudging a yellow stoplight. You think the light will stay yellow, and then it suddenly flashes red while you drive through it. The split-second decision to risk a red light could be more dangerous than you think. Red light running is listed as one of the top driver behaviors that cause accident fatalities. The risk is not worth the permanent effects.

It can be difficult to imagine losing a loved one due to motor vehicle accident, yet many families must experience this hardship. If you have lost a loved one in a car accident then you may contact an attorney to recover compensation. Consider the above dangerous driver behaviors and choose to keep everyone safe on the road.

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