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Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney
Can Help You Obtain Justice

Maybe you don't want to sue anyone. You lost a loved one due to someone else's negligence or wrongdoing, but you're not sure that a lawsuit is going to make the situation any better. It certainly won't bring your loved one back. It won't erase the intense grief you feel. So why bother?

Here at Edgar Law Firm in Santa Rosa, we believe that it is really worthwhile to hire a wrongful death attorney even if you don't feel like it right now. Here are three reasons:

  1. You can uphold the cause of justice. Personal injury lawsuits are not primarily about the money. They're about justice. They are about holding negligent parties accountable for the harm they have caused. It's not fair that you have to face a lifetime without your loved one, and it's not fair that the wrongdoer never realizes his or her mistake. A lawsuit makes it clear that what happened is unacceptable. 
  2. You can help prevent other families from suffering. A lawsuit may be the wake-up call that shatters a drunk driver's stupor and keeps him or her from driving intoxicated again. A lawsuit could keep a careless teen from continuing to text behind the wheel, or keep a commercial trucker from ignoring the speed limit again. You can do your part to make sure no other families have to suffer the same kind of loss you did. 
  3. You can ease the financial stress on your family. If the victim was a breadwinner, your family may be facing extreme economic challenges. Even if you were not dependent on his or her wages, your family may be stuck with medical bills, funeral expenses and countless other costs. A wrongful death lawsuit can potentially provide the money you need to cover all these expenses.

Learn more about wrongful death cases in California and what you can expect if you pursue one. Simply call Edgar Law Firm at 707-799-4090 or email our attorneys today. The consultation is free. Plus, our lawyers get paid only if they recover compensation for you.

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